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The Uyghur enigma: discover Rebiya Kadeer

Laurence Paul, Alexander Dalrymple

The Uyghur enigma: discover Rebiya Kadeer

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  • Data wydania: 2015
  • Strony: 279
  • ISBN: 978-83-63791-10-0

Rebiya Kadeer is a political exile from China, one of China's ethnic Uyghur people who reside primarily in the region of the People's Republic of China known as Xinjiang. She has portrayed herself to the West as a brilliant businesswoman, a loving mother of eleven children, a beloved representative of her people - the self-described "Mother of all Uyghurs" - and as a cruelly persecuted political prisoner, jailed for her courageous stance on behalf of China's ethic minorities. Yet her own words reveal a different Rebiya Kadeer. A business career built upon black marketeering, bribery, graft and tax evasion; calculated manipulation of associates - including her own family - to control events; violent protests and riots at her behest; are all unveiled. China claims Kadeer is a terrorist at the heart of its ethnic unrest. Western groups have nominated her for the Nobel Prize. The United States give her asylum and protection. Exploring to startling discoveries, and offers an opportunity for a new understanding of China's ethnic difficulties and the policies in place to resolve them.






Cena: 36,23

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