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Knowledge, Ict and Education - A Variety of Perspectives

Erik Bratland, Dorota Siemieniecka, Bronisław Siemieniecki

Knowledge, Ict and Education - A Variety of Perspectives

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  • Publish year: 2016
  • Pages: 166
  • ISBN: 978-83-8019-319-2


Knowledgehas becomethe centralcategoryin contemporaryneoliberal educationreforms.At the sametime,itbecomes increasinglyunclear whatwecan understandwithknowledgein education.The expandedconcept of knowledge, with an emphasis oncompetence and skills, has been characterized asbeing emptyorrhetorical. An implicitconsequence of this developmentis thatknowledgeis no longerunderstoodas something thatis objective andtrue.Foreducation, this developmentisproblematic. Whenknowledgeis no longera distinctcategory, the purpose of education becomes elusive.

The presentneoliberaleducationhave opened upforan extensive use ofICT in education. Althoughthe use ofdigitaltechnology in educationcan be seenindependently ofan expandedconcept of knowledge, ICT isbeing used asan argumentin favor ofan alternativeconcept of knowledgein education.Throughthis development,the expandedconcept of knowledgeachievesapedagogicaljustification, whether it is related topost-modernism, constructivism, socioculturaltheory orconnectivism. Thisline of argumentimpliesa shift towardcontext-contingentandlocalforms of knowledgein education, with particular emphasis onstudents' owninvolvementin the productionof knowledge.

This bookcovers avariety oftopics related to the transformation of knowledge in education.Whatkind of knowledgestudentsshouldhave accesstoin education isa key issueinthe ongoing debate, andthis bookprovides someanswers tothis important question.



Price: 28,98

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