Greatest science publishing house in Poland since 1990.

About us


Adam Marszałek Publishing House is the largest scientific publishing house in Poland. It was founded on 9 October 1990 by Adam Marszałek, PhD. Since 1 January 2013, the company has been chaired by Prof. Joanna Marszałek-Kawa Adam Marszałek Publishing House is a part of Marszałek Publishing Group, a holding headed by Adam Marszałek. The holding also includes Europejskie Centrum Edukacyjne (European Educational Centre), Wydawnictwo Naukowe GRADO (GRADO Scientific Publishing House), Firma Wydawniczo-Handlowa MADO (MADO Publishing and Trading Company) and Time Marszałek Group.

In 2016, we published 342 new titles. The range of books offered by Adam Marszałek Publishing House covers such diverse subjects as history, economics, education, international relations, political science, and language studies, to name the main ones. We are ranked first on nationwide lists of scientific publishing houses in Poland.

Moreover, we offer a number of publishing series to our readers, such as: „Biblioteka Azji i Pacyfiku”, „Biblioteka ToMiTo”, „Dialog Europejski”, „Komunikacja Społeczna w Edukacji”, „Miasta i Ich Dzieje”, „Nauka o Komunikowaniu”, „Słuchowiska Polskiego Radia”, „Oblicza Mediów”, „Samorząd Terytorialny w XXI Wieku”, „Spotkania”, „Staropolski Ogląd Świata”; poetic series: „Liryka Polska”, „Dekada Poetów”, „Duet”, „Polsko-Rosyjska Biblioteka Poetycka”, as well as a series for children, e.g. „Seria z Lupą” or „Kulawa Koza”.

Among 26 magazines we publish, the following deserve special attention: Athenaeum. Polskie Studia Politologiczne, „Azja-Pacyfik”, „Krakowskie Studia Małopolskie”, „Kultura i Edukacja”, „The New Educational Review”, „Świat Idei i Polityki”, „Polish Political Science Yearbook” and „Reality of Politics”. In 2011, we published the first issues of new magazines: „Historia Slavorum Occidentis. Czasopismo Historyczne”, „Nowa Polityka Wschodnia”, „International Forum for Education”, as well as the magazine based on a publishing series: „Peculiarity of Man”.

With our readers abroad in mind, we also publish a number of books in foreign languages (in Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, and Italian). We cooperate with academic institutions and authors from all Polish scientific centres, as well as from China, the USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, or Azerbaijan. Since the beginning of 2007, we have maintained intense relations with the Middle Kingdom. Over the last few years, we have signed a lot of bilateral publishing agreements with Renmin University of China and a group of publishing houses from Hefei, constituting Anhui Publishing Group. As a result of this cooperation, 100 books of prominent Polish scholars, writers and poets will be published in the Chinese market. In return, we will offer 100 publications of Chinese scholars, writers and poets to Polish readers. We also cooperate with Peking University and the Chinese Writers’ Association.

In 2011, Time Marszałek Group was founded. It is a Chinese-Polish company, which, apart from publishing activity, operates in other business sectors in the whole Europe. The company is based in Łysomice near Toruń.

Our publishing house has two print shops of its own, which ensures a high editorial standard of our publications. One of our other strengths is a short publishing cycle, which has always been our trademark.